F i l m  &  T e l e v i s i o n    

Action, Suspense:

Cypress' Theme (2:43) (3.73mb) - This trailer piece is a character theme for an upcoming CG action film. It is mostly electronic with some big, pumping drums and moody synth textures, supported with melodic orchestration. The character's anti-heroic theme is presented in the horns, followed by a fast-paced action segment featuring Spanish guitar.

South Street Showdown (2:19) (3.19mb) - This clip uses guitars and synth textures to portray a gritty, crime-ridden urban underground feel. Beginning with an ambient soundscape, it grows into a driving beat.

HALO Drop (0:55) (1.26mb) - This short orchestral cue comes from the machinima short "Eden", in a scene where special forces soldiers parachute onto a Pacific island to begin their mission. Again, effected plucked strings and other "oceanic" sounds are juxtaposed with heroic military orchestration.

The Sniper Awaits (1:44) (2.39mb) - This electro-orchestral cue from the action film "The Hit" uses hand percussion and electronic textures along with orchestral swells to build tension as the film's antagonist takes aim.

Fight or Flight (1:53) (2.60mb) - This aggressive electro-orchestral cue is from the action film "The Hit", in a chase scene between the protagonist and his assassin. It combines biting electronics with tribal drums and orchestra to support this high tension set piece.

Payback, Flashback (2:25) (3.32mb) - This subtle cue from the murder/suspense film "Dead Man's Hour" uses flute effects, metallic percussion, and effected human breathing along with suspenseful orchestration. It is played during a scene where the re-animated protagonist confronts his own murderer, then has a flashback revealing the murderer's accomplice - his own wife.


Ambient, Emotional:
Imaginary Friends (3:00) (4.12mb) - This is a reflective, melodic song featuring solo cello (Alex Atanasiu), fiddle (Jeff Ball), piano, and ambient electronics. It uses the juxtaposition of live solo instruments and heavily effected electronics to illustrate a heartbreaking disconnect between reality and imagination.

Visiting Father's Graveyard (2:25) (3.33mb) - From the film "Cold by Nature", this reflective cue is played during a flashback to the protagonist's father's death.  It uses piano and strings in a rising motif that culminates at the very moment of his death, which smashcuts back to his son in tears at the graveyard.

Streets of Rome (2:16) (4.27mb) - This calm ethnic piece uses lots of hand percussion instruments as well as synthesizer and orchestral backing to support a plucked string melody. The music depicts a stroll about the streets of ancient Rome, building into a swell featuring Slavic choral vocals as various sights are seen.

"Teen Idol Tom" End Credits (3:24) (4.69mb) - Written for a suspense drama, this track brings closure to the story with serene orchestrations, piano solo, and classical vocals sung by Jillian Goldin. A highly thematic score, this track features the main character's theme, the main theme of the film, as well as a love theme on solo piano.

"When Evening Falls" Main Theme (2:05) (2.02mb) - Written for a romantic silent film, this introductory cue depicts a nocturnal panorama in the city of Prague. Vibraphone, piano, and strings are used, subtly backed by warm electronic pads and textures.

Epic, Thematic:
First Flight of the Umbra (0:45) (1.89mb) - This short live-orchestral cue from an upcoming animation project underscores a group of young teenagers taking flight in a small, ramshackle spacecraft. It uses frenzied orchestration as well as a trumpet and recorder duet to show the innocence and excitement of the scene.

The Awakening of Anubis (1:30) (2.06mb) - This piece depicts modern day explorers looting an ancient tomb, with frightening results. An ambient introduction with Hebrew vocals and shimmering yet foreboding percussion leads on to a fiery epic action segment.

The Mandalorian Blockade (excerpt) (1:38) (2.64mb) - This live choir and orchestra piece uses a text loosely based off of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and is written in an epic melodic style reminiscent of classic black-and-white adventure film scores.

"Hellgate London" Trailer (1:44) (2.39mb) - This trailer piece blends electronics with orchestra and rock instruments, as well as large choir, ending with a brief ambient dulcimer solo.

"Ideality" Main Theme (1:22) (1.89mb) - This piece is the theme song for a fantasy adventure film, using colorful, magical orchestration and a heroic melody to portray a fantasy landscape.