G a m e   A u d i o    

Orchestral, Choral:

The Mandalorian Blockade (excerpt) (1:38) (2.64mb) - I wrote this live choir and orchestra cue as a dramatic theme for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It uses a text loosely based off of the Epic of Gilgamesh, and is written in an epic melodic style reminiscent of classic black-and-white adventure film scores.

The Awakening of Anubis (1:30) (2.06mb) - This AudioGANG Award-winning piece depicts modern day explorers looting an ancient tomb, with frightening results. An ambient introduction with Hebrew vocals and shimmering yet foreboding percussion leads on to a fiery epic action segment.

"Ideality" Main Theme (1:22) (1.89mb) - This piece is the theme song for a fantasy adventure film, using colorful, magical orchestration and a heroic melody to portray a fantasy landscape.

"Hellgate London" E3 2008 Trailer (1:44) (2.39mb) - This trailer for Flagship Studios' action RPG Hellgate London blends electronics with orchestra and rock instruments, as well as large choir, ending with a brief ambient dulcimer solo.

The Town of Riverfell (1:05) (1.49mb) - Written for a fantasy setting, this track describes a bustling Medieval metropolis, complete with artisans, knights, and breathtaking monuments. It uses pleasant melodic orchestrations to convey this image.

"Kaos War" Main Theme (3:33) (4.88mb) - An epic main theme for the MMORPG Kaos War, this piece uses Bulgarian vocals sung by the Yale Slavic Chorus in order to portray an ancient battle-torn fantasy world. It also uses large orchestration supported by an expanded percussion section, including my Impact: Steel metallic percussion set.

The Raptor Escape (3:42) (5.95mb) - This bombastic orchestral piece uses extensive brass and percussion to convey a group of protagonists escaping from vicious man-eating dinosaurs. It uses ethnic flutes as well as ethnic percussion to convey the setting.



Ethnic, Emotional:

Ebenebe Ga Egbu (3:46) (6.90mb) - This uplifting vocal track features lyrics in Igbo, sung by a small vocal ensemble and accompanied with guitars and various African percussion instruments. It goes for a fun and positive feel, with jaunty bluegrass violin solos by Jeff Ball.

Streets of Rome (2:16) (4.27mb) - This calm ethnic piece uses lots of hand percussion instruments as well as synth and orchestral backing to support a plucked string melody. The music depicts a stroll about the streets of ancient Rome, building into a swell featuring Slavic choral vocals as various sights are seen.

Imaginary Friends (2:55) (4.12mb) - This is a reflective, melodic song featuring solo cello (Alex Atanasiu), fiddle (Jeff Ball), piano, and ambient electronics. It uses the juxtaposition of live instruments and heavily effected electronics to illustrate a heartbreaking disconnect between reality and imagination.

Wasabi Waiter (1:20) (2.50mb) - This is a catchy jazz tune written for a casual flash game. Accordion and vibes solos are accompanied by a small string trio and electric piano, with various Latin percussion.

Lullaby (2:25) (4.55mb) - This piece is a serene vocal track, featuring a boy soprano vocalist. It uses a small string section, piano, celesta, flute, and very subtle electronics to support the childlike innocence of the vocal melody.

"Teen Idol Tom" End Credits (3:24) (4.69mb) - Written for a suspense drama, this track brings closure to the story with serene orchestrations, piano solo, and classical vocals sung by Jillian Goldin. A highly thematic score, this track features the main character's theme, the main theme of the film, as well as a love theme on solo piano.


Electronic, Hybrid:

Cypress' Theme (2:43) (3.73mb) - This trailer piece is a character theme for an upcoming CG action film. It is mostly electronic with some big, pumping drums and moody synth textures, supported with melodic orchestration. The character's anti-heroic theme is presented in the horns, followed by a fast-paced action segment featuring Spanish guitar.

South Street Showdown (2:19) (3.19mb) - This clip uses guitars and synth textures to portray a gritty, crime-ridden urban underground feel. Beginning with an ambient soundscape, it grows into a driving beat.

"The Hit" Montage (2:32) (3.49mb) - Originally composed for an shooter/action film, this montage starts off with ambient atmospheric electronics and hand percussion solos, then builds into a blasting, high energy electro-orchestral action segment.

"Eden" Montage (2:52) (3.94mb) - Written for an episodic machinima short, this soundtrack features militaristic orchestration as well as ethnic flute solos, tribal percussion, and electronically-manipulated east Asian plucked strings to underscore covert military operations on a remote Pacific island.

Apocalypse (2:07) (3.88mb) - A powerfully dark electro-orchestral theme, using choir and industrial percussion to illustrate strife and heroism in a ruined world.